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The Department of Bengali L.G.B. Girls’ College right from inception, laid special emphasis on strengthening the system of higher learning and research in Bengali. The department desire to make sure that its student may have the best possible educational experience. The department aims at fostering the latent aesthetic and critical capabilities of students for suitable appreciation of the fullest import of language and literature on the individual and society. While engaged in teaching in the mainstream of Bengali literature, the department in addition aims to make a linguistic survey of and to collect various idioms of Bengali. The department is in the progression of starting major course in Bangla. The Department organises UGC SPONSORED EXTENSION ACTIVITIES in nearby vicinities, on issues like adult Education,Women Empowerment etc. In the last assembly election Department conduct street plays for voter awareness in many parts of Tezpur sub-division. The department also carries out educational trips regularly to various important places in Assam. The students regularly get opportunities to participate in seminars and lectures.