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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of L.G.B. Girls" College was formed in January 2014, to active the process of developing the capabilities of the college and to raise the standard of the college through continuous improvement in quality. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC has become a part of an institution"s system and has been working towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance.

The IQAC strives to make a significant and meaningful contribution in the post-accreditation phase of the college. It has been channelizing the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence.



The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the college.


Adoption of Village:

“If colleges and villages meet, there will be a knowledge revolution.” This simple effort has metamorphosed into a complete movement and will continue to bridge the socio-economic gap between the college and the village adopted by the college. According to the instruction of the state Government the institution has adopted a village named SAIKIA CHUBURI< BORJHAR GAON situated at a short distance from the college campus. The village adoption provides an opportunity to academicians, policy makers and civil society, to get sensitized and understand the problems and social dynamics that exist at the grass root level. Such an initiative will help to assimilate the facilitating factors responsible for building sustainable and cohesive communities through inspiring, igniting, educating them to develop by utilizing multiple opportunities with special focus on disadvantage sector. The village adoption also involves- awareness on Health, Public sanitization, drinking water and personal hygiene; Education and literacy including legal awareness.



Name: SaikiaChuburiBorjhar Gaon
Name of the Gaon Burha : Sri Ramonikanta Das
Total Population: 850
Location: 4 K.M. away from L.G.B. Girls" College towards north. 1 k.m away from N.H. 15 towards West.
Community:Kalita, Koch, Brahmin
Occupation: Agriculture, Business, Farming and govt. Service